Aaaah Movie Review

Today filmmakers dare to experiment and cliched formula films are slowly becoming a thing of the past. Directors Hari and Hareesh in Aaaah have come up with five stories, all set around horror genre in the film.

Interestingly, all of them are intense and engrossing. The stories are ‘Night Shift’, ‘Esaniya’, ‘Valaivil Mundhathey’, ‘Nishikasai Sambavam’ and ‘Mandhikuzhi Marmam’.

The director duo promised aplenty in their maiden venture ‘Ambuli’ which was made in a 3D format.

Jigarthanda-fame Bobby Simha plays the lead role. Ambuli Gokulnath, Balasaravanan, Bosskey and M S Baskar add strength to the film with their good performances.
The film speaks about horror, romance and there is enough humour all through.
The duo have treaded on a different path and their intentions are noble- entertain the masses. Horror films have always wooed masses. Knowing the pulse well, Hari and Hareesh have come up with one in that genre.

The movie may have lacked popular faces, yet thanks to a strong content, it manages to leave an impact.

Verdict: Hi-five

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