Appuchi Gramam Movie Review

Appuchi Gramam is a science fiction drama set in a village. The film deals with immense depth of relationships between people and various human emotions that are born when one is subjected to a larger than life situation. A village awaits a natural calamity to happen. When the countdown begins, it undergoes a sea change. This forms the crux of Appuchi Gramam.
Produced by Vishnu Muralee and Senthil Kumar under the banner of Eye Catch Multi Media, it has music by Vishal Chandrasekar and G K Prasad.

Appuchi Gramam has story, screenplay and direction by Vi Anand. Nasser, G M Kumar, Joe Malluri, Kitty, Praveen Kumar, Suja Varunee, Swasika, Anusha Naik, Ganja Karuppu among others form part of the cast.

Set in a village called Appuchi in Coimbatore, the movie in its first half captures the innocence and the struggle of those living there.

A sibling rivalry among village heads (G M Kumar and Joe Malluri) leads to groupism and casteism. But when the ISRO announces that a meteor is going to hit the village, things change for better.

What happens then forms a catchy climax.

All the artistes have given their best. Nasser and Kitty impress. Music by Vishal is good while the computer graphic sequences could have been better. It is more an emotional drama with Ganja Karuppu playing a different role.

Appuchi Gramam is an edutainment movie with twists and turns.

Verdict: Stone age

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