Jai Hind 2 Movie Review

Arjun and action are two sides of the same coin and add to it a mass theme, the end product is amazing. It is jai Hind 2 for you.Arjun was last seen in Mani Ratnam’s Kadal. Interestingly it was the first He played a negative role in it.

Jai Hind 2, Arjun is the actor, director and producer.

The movie has Surween Chawla, who acted with Arjun in Moondru Per Mooodru Kadhal, as the heroine. Rahul Dev, Charolete Claire, Brahmanandham, Mayilsamy among others are also in the cast.

The film is based on Abdul Kalam and his dreams about India becoming a superpower. Arjun focuses on the education system prevalent in India today and its flaws in Jai Hind 2.

Today education has become a costly commodity and admission fee are costly which is out of reach for common man. It is about a one-man journey against this corrupt system Arjun.

Arjun has done a decent job combining varied roles for the movie.Surveen is okay while Rahul Dev as baddie is good.

All said, Jai Hind 2 is a sweet film with a great theme and message.

Verdict: Loud and clear

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