Kamara Kattu Movie Review

Combining romance and horror is Kamar Kattu. Directed by Ramki Ramakrishnan, the movie is about two teenagers, who fall in love. What happens when they are killed? Do they take revenge on those who played spoilsport in their romance? These form the crux of the movie.

Yuvan and Pasanga-fame Sriram play the lead roles. Raksha Raj and Manishajith play female leads. The cast also includes ‘Pakoda’ Pandi, Crane Manohar, Vasuvikram, Chethan and ‘Angadi Theru’ Sindhu among others. Produced by Reeves Creations and Sri Daksha Internationals, it has music by Faizal.

Yuvan, Sriram are in love with sisters Raksha Raj and Manishajith. The couples spend a lot of time together. Unfortunately, the two boys fail in their final school exams, while the girls pass. They join an engineering college and as it happens they desert the boys and fall in love with rich boys.
Yuvan and Sriram take up the matter to the girls’ mother. She hatches a conspiracy and murders the two boys. What happens when their spirits come to take revenge on them?

The first half is breezy and entertaining. The lead characters have played their parts well. Sadly the second half is more a collage of many horror films of the recent past. It loses fizz and meanders towards the climax.

Ramki Ramakrishnan has tried to strike a balance between a commercial entertainer and an eerie thriller and succeeded to an extent.

Verdict: Horror show

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