Kayal Movie Review


“Kayal” was  produced by God Pictures and Madhan of Escape Artists Motion Pictures. This movie features debutant Chandran, Vincent and Anandhi in the lead roles.D.Imman added the soul to the movie by playing music.

As Prabhu Solamon’s earlier venture this movie was also made love as its key factor.  Imman’s music makes it count big and beautiful.

Prabhu Solomon managed to weave a story about the lives of two youngsters who fall in love for each other. But nature-s fury in the form of tsunami strikes and their life goes for a toss. What happens in their lives then form the crux.

Vincent and Anandhi chip in with their roles well. Yogi Devaraj does a wonderful act. The travails of death dance on sea shore make up the movie.

Anandhi is the highlight of the movie. Imman’s music and Vettrivel Mahendran’s camera add filip to the movie.

Kayal is a breezy entertainer and makes an impact.

Verdict: High waves


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