Preview: Need for Speed

When human beings happen to encounter situations that demand immediate attention and instantaneous action, they will be left with no other choice but to spring into ‘speed’ as the ‘need’ of that hour will just be that! When there is a definite ‘need’ for ‘speed’, the journey turns adventurous by default, not exactly by design as the destination to be reached could pave way for dangerous ‘missions’, enroute! This exactly is the premise upon which the theme of ‘Need for Speed’ has been set and it is safer than merely being better for the viewers to fasten their seat-belts as it is going to be one hell of a racing journey on four-wheels! Based on the popular video game series called Electronic Arts this fast paced flick made at a budget of about $ 66 million dollars, has been rapidly directed at a marvelous pace by Scott Waugh, and adapted for the screen by the brothers-George Gatins and John Gatins.

Aaron Paul plays Tobey Marshall is an expert car driver who is pretty good in solving car-related mechanical problems too. He is a specialist in readying race-cars. He is imprisoned for a crime that he never committed and on his acquittal, he is determined to settle scores besides avenging the death of his dear friend. Julia Maddon( Imogen Poots) is a well known car dealer who has the knack of bringing rich people and racing cars. Monarch (Michael Keaton) is a self-styled don who is the brain behind illegal car races. Associating himself with such people, how Aaron is able to accomplish his mission is the ‘speedy’ rest!

Music-Nathan Furst, Cinematography-Shane Hulbut, ANU ROSHINI FILMS Release.

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