I Movie Review


I is a romantic menu from Shankar’s table/ It is rather a grand and glitzy show by Shankar. But ends up too predictable. What makes it an engrossing affair is Vikram’s splendid show.

He, in three different characters amazes the audience.

Vikram, Amy Jackson play the lead roles with the likes of Suresh Gopi, Upen Patel and Ramkumar Sivaji play baddies. Santhanm plays the comedian.
Music is by A R Rahman and cinematograpohy by P C Sreeram.  Produced by Aascar V Ravichandran, I is fun and fanfare.

Lingesan alias Lee (Vikram) wants to become a body builder. But he has a crush on a model Dhiya who is famous across the globe.
He ends up becoming her bodyguard. Soon he shares screen with her and he becomes a super model too.

But when all goes well between them and that they are getting ready to marry, health complications comes in for Lee, he develops hunch and turns gory. He hides from social life.

But when he comes to know that Dhiya’s family doctor Dr Vasudevan is the culprit who injected him with an influenza virus that made him ugly.
He goes on a revenge mode.

Vikram walks away with all honours.His hardwork holds the movie together.
Amy Jackson is good while Suresh Gopi, Ramkumar and Upen Patel add value. Santhanam has little to do.

Shankar is at his best and a splendid effort from him. It  is an thorough entertainer.

Verdict: Rocking show

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