Vingyaani Movie Review

Science fictions are rarity in Tamil cinema. Paarthi, a scientsit by profession has tried on in Tamil cinema.

He produces, directs and plays the lead role in Vignyani. There is romance, revenge, action, drama in his life.

Meera Jasmine is the heroine .Vivek, Thalaivasal Vijay, Bose Venkat, Bala Singh, Devadarshini are also in the cast. Music is by Maris Vijay and story, screenplay and direction supervision is by Vidhyaadharan.

Ramakrishnan (Paarthi) is a scientist and he meets Kaveri (Meera Jasmine). Both fall for each other. Isaki (Vivek) works in the scientist’s house. Kaveri brings Tholkappiya grain which is 3000 years old to be reinvented by scientist since it would quench thirst and end humger among all in the country. A gang tries to take it away. Kaveri is made a scape goat.

Paarthi has done a good job. He is good in action scenes. Meera Jasmine is cute, Vivek and Devadarshini make one laugh.

Paarthi has done a decent job.

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