Preview: Into The Storm

It is but impossible to challenge the power of Mother Nature, especially when ‘She’ is furious! The consequences of the fury of Nature are something that which mankind can never ever bear and withstand! When a violent storm breaks out with all fury, human beings will have to necessarily face the challenge of running for the safety of their lives with the ensuring threat of the storm opting to endanger their very existence!

It was a quiet and calm day at the little town of Silverton that gets attached by the onslaught of tomadoes, something that which is unprecedented in their past!

While the experts are predicting that the worst is yet to happen, the entire town is forced to bow down and be at the mercy of the most erratic and deadly cyclones!

People get scared and run in all possible directions looking for shelter with a view to be safe! But it doesn’t turn out to be an easy task, after all!

The narration unfolds through the eyes of professional storm chasers amidst thrill seeking amateurs besides a courageous lot belonging to Silverton…

Well, get ready for some eye catching action that leads you right into the eye of the storm, rather directly while Mother Nature is possibly at her most furious mode of mood that is most extreme, this time!

CAST- Richard Armitage, Sarah Wayne Callies, Matt Walsh, Alycia Debnam-Carey, Max Deacon and others.Writer-John Swetnam Music- Brian Tyler Cinematography- Brian Pearson.Directed by- Steven Quale

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